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Sat Oct 3 - DARKRAVE v.112 w/ legend Lenny Dee!! & Embryon & Don't Look Productions - Gas Masks and

DARKRAVE just celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary in September. That is 10 years of pummeling Toronto with dark dance beats and keeping the underground alive. Want to dance with 600-800 music obsessed friends? Then let's see you at DARKRAVE on the 1st Saturday of every month.

DARKRAVE in association with EMBRYON bring you the legendary Lenny Dee. Having Lenny Dee playing DARKRAVE is quite an honour so I hope you DARKRAVERS will show him how great a party DARKRAVE is, and how cool Toronto can be. The Kathedral will be hosted by Don't Look Productions and Holy Joe's will be destroyed by the uncompromising EMBRYON crew. Don't miss this event!

Saturday Oct 3, 2009
DARKRAVE v.112 - Gas Masks & Glow Sticks
Big Bop - 651 Queen St West (entrance on Bathurst) - Toronto
doors at 9pm *ALL AGES*
$10 for 19+ $20 for underagers
$5 before 11pm for Fetish Masquerade membership holders
facebook group:
facebook invite:

Lenny Dee (New York) Industrial Strength Records
Opel (tech)
Phink (psy)
Lazarus (ebm)

Kathedral: Don't Look Productions room
UNIT 42 (Mark Grimace & Mike O'Howe)
Ryan Smith
Wes Gauthier
Rekka vs Patrick Wilcox
King Jax vs Sydney Flashback

Holy Joe's: Embryon Room

Backstage Lounge:
chillout/merch room

There will be 2 seperate lines: one rush line for 19+ and a seperate lineup for all agers. Please bring ID regardless of what age you are.

NEXT DARKRAVE - Sat Nov 7 - back from the gRAVE - Annual Zombie Theme
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